Wardrobe Clean Out

I have a lot of things to be thankful for, sometimes after years of clothing buildup, it can be overwhelming. Now that I am 30 and saving for the future, I’m always longing for ways to save money and increase my savings each month. There are always the consignment stores and the donation centers and online blog shop that helps me re-home my once loved items that don’t get the use they deserve. But what about the basement full of clothes and shoes from my teens? Along with the boxes of only God know what in the garage? Not to mention, more clothes under my bed too.

It’s never a bad idea to do a deep cleaning of your closet at least twice a year, for your own sanity. In my case, I realized there was an assortment of items I haven’t worn in a while or have yet to wear! And well… then there are those that just don’t fit my personal style anymore. – It happens to the best of us!

Recently, I’ve been really getting organized and sorting through all of my clothes, shoes, and accessories. Realistically speaking – not all of this is going to qualify as donation worthy clothes. And some are clothes I just cannot sell online, being that they are too outdated and unworthy of consignment stores approval. The last thing I want to do is throw it away from my clothes and have it sent off to the nearest landfill. Nowadays that’s not something I can afford and certainly, our environment cannot afford it either.

Not long ago, I was informed that H&M (any H&M store) will accept textiles of any brand and clothing in any condition that you may have for recycling. So now I can finally get rid of all of this stuff guilt free! I should also mention, H&M will give you 15% off coupons for your next purchase. (H&M details here)

This is a bonus for me! Not only do I love to shop at H&M for their versatile styles, and not to mention a great price point, they also help recycle unwanted clothing for 15% towards my future purchases! This is a win-win moment I feel worthy of sharing with others, some of you may be faced with the same task. If any of you have any tips for saving, I really would love to hear about them! Gone are my days of spending half my money on BCBG Maxazria and Louboutin heels… At least for now anyway!


  1. Sandy
    March 29, 2019 / 8:24 am

    This is really neat! I never knew H&M did this, but I love shopping there. This is a wonderful idea to recycle clothes! Great post! Thank you for sharing!
    – Sandy

    • March 29, 2019 / 8:27 am

      Thank you Sandy! I’m glad this provides good insight for you! I appreciate your feedback!
      Kind Regards,
      Kristen Bucy

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