I am very particular about how I like my hair. It really is a blend of things that create beautiful healthy hair. First I would say it starts with getting the proper nutrients through diet, adequate water, sleep and adding fitness into your routine. Next, is using the right products that will not only extend the life of your colored treated hair, but also protect and strengthen it.


Nutrition is always important when it comes to healthy hair, skin and nails. To ensure I am getting extra nutrients in my diet to perform at my best, I supplement my diet with vitamins & minerals.  My diet mainly consist of organic fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, fats, and lean proteins. On an “on the go” morning, I will opt for a smoothie. I will usually add my collagen my and Garden of Life protein powder, followed by the fruits I have for that day, such as strawberries, banana and add some almond milk to the mix.

Kristen Bucy Garden of Life MyKind Organics Multi vitamin


When opting for a good multi-vitamin, my absolutely favorite is MY KIND Organics made by Garden of Life it is a non-GMO, Gluten free, plant based multi-vitamin. The reason I love their brand so much is because they use REAL ingredients and they are not synthetic like most of the vitamin brands on the market. Garden of life products are derive from real organic, herbs, fruits and veggies. I know my body will absorb the nutrients and it wont just pass through me like synthetic vitamins.


Drinking enough water is great if you want to have beautiful plump skin, flexible healthy hair and strong nails. I try to drink only spring water or at least reverse osmosis filtered water.  I love adding fruits and herbs into my water for a little bit of extra flavor,  especially in the summer. Recently I have really been on the Match Tea craze; it is perfect for my mornings if you want to learn more about Matcha you can look at my other article The Wonderful Health Benefits of Matcha – Matcha Green Protein Smoothie. I try my best to drink enough for my body weight; you will often see me with a water bottle to help keep hydrated.

Kristen Bucy Hair Care and Color blue robe


My hairstylist uses Olaplex patented 3 step system to protect my hair; on a molecular level to prevent damage from bleaching. Olaplex is certainly a favorite of mine. I couldn’t be happier with the result and  how it has helped my hair really bounce back. It gives my hair life again, after all the endless damage from every day styling. When I get my hair colored, it really makes it more noticeable.


Right now the hair coloring technique that I request for is balayage.  My stylist starts with a dark base root color and subtle balayage golden blonde highlights for depth and face-framing. This technique can be applied with blonde with shades of gold and auburn to create a warmer look and adds that extra dimension and volume to your hair without going fully blonde. It really does give off that effortless and natural sunkissed hair. I do plan on trying a more neutral and muted color pallet to a ash blonde.

Kristen Bucy


Salon stylist advise getting your hair cut every 6 weeks, I am guilty of going longer than that. I prefer to touch up my ends with a blunt trim about every 7-8 weeks. Everyone is different when it comes to this so using your best judgement on when you need a trim or a cut. When I ask for my hair to get cut, I like when it is cut blunt across and very straight, no layers really just around the framing of my face.


I love a tropical herbal smelling shampoo & condition that works well to clarify and moisturize. The brand I have really found myself coming back to is Alba Botainical  Colorific Plumeria – specifically their color protection shampoo and conditioner . Not only does it smell amazing, it really leaves my hair feeling amazing too. This is safe and gentle enough for all members of the family, including my 3 year old daughters  hair. They don’t use sulfates and it is also safe for color treated hair.  A few times a week I will wear a hair mask over-night treatment using the Oleplex number 3 and Mix that with a hair mask of choice.

Alba Botanica Aquage & Olaplex


When my hair is damp,  I will work my favorite root lifer by Aquage into my fingers and apply to the root of my hair. Massaging that into the base of my hair distributing  the product evenly on my head. I will repeat using the Living Proof Prime Style Extender  for this I will also apply to roots and even my ends (the Living Proof helps hold my curl longer when I style my hair). I will then section off my hair and  blow dry using a round brush. For the finished look I may curl my hair or leave it straight.

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