She owns their eyes as she walks right by.
The most profound beauty yet.
And her LIPS.
Captivating and Bold enough to speak telepathically without words.
She had them at hello.
May you have the most sultry Autumn yet.


Choosing a charismatic lip-color will certainly capture the eyes of admirers. You undoubtedly become an object of fascination, and perhaps affection when you apply lipstick. Since most people hesitate before taking bold action, there is no mystery that we all have shades of our self awaiting to be confidently expressed.

Take those by surprise this autumn with each of these beautiful spell binding colors to expresses and represent every essence of yourself.  Without further ado, I would be delighted to introduce you to this autumns curated line up of  the most magnetized synonymous shades yet.

Of all the parts of your body that draw this fetishistic attention, the strongest is the face; so you learn to tune your face like an instrument. Simply by playing up a bold red lip color, it flatters our overall complexion and makes our skin glow.

After all woman’s lips are the most attractive part of her body. Especially if she’s wearing red lipstick. According to a recent study by Manchester University published in The News. They found that the average man spends 54 percent of the first 10 seconds when they meet a new woman, looking at her lipsIf she’s applied lipstick, he’ll find it difficult to look away, pink will hold his attention for 6.7 seconds and red keeping him fixated for 7.3 seconds.

 You simply cannot deny lipstick and perceived attractiveness could inexplicably be related with red lips being the most powerful attraction and visually alluring fixations yet. The ancient goddess Cleopatra knew the power of this and was known for wearing lipstick in rouge, she used red ochre, a type of clay colored red by iron oxide to create her lipstick.

Burberry Lipstick Ruby Red Velvet
Burberry Lipstick Ruby Red Velvet
Kristen Bucy Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick
Kristen Bucy Burberry Lipstick Luxury Lifestyle Fashion Beauty
Kristen Bucy Burberry Lipstick

Ruby Red Velvet

Can something so exquisite, be so tempting? Ever since I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to have this iconic lipstick made by Burberry. Not to mention, Burberry’s exclusivity with department stores, this lead me straight to their online store on a hunt for my gem.

When this first arrived in the mail, it’s presence was so luxurious with a golden detailed design and earth tone packaging. The lipstick was presented so lovely! I opened the top of the lipstick and found the case had a magnet that helps keep it tightly sealed; how impressive! For my amusement, I twisted up the top to see a stunning design carved into the lipstick. The design was Burberry’s trademark plaid print. Appearing right before my very eyes was my gem Burberry’s Ruby Red Velvet Matte Lipstick! It reminded me of a timeless, classic red color representing sophistication and self-confidence built on fearlessness, a call to action and excitement.

This ruby red really reflects the color of passion, energy, and it brings me life! It is a very strong color to captivate admirers. I fell in love with its matte velvet finish, and it’s long lasting leaving my lips with a smooth hydrated feel.

She can be magnificent doing nothing but one stroke of this lipstick and in her presence she felt enough to rule the world.

Kristen Bucy Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Luxury
Kristen Bucy Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Luxury
Yves Saint Laurent Beige Tribute Lipstick Kristen Bucy
Yves Saint Laurent Beige Tribute Lipstick Kristen Bucy
Beige Tribute

Autumn season has just arrived and I couldn’t have found a more dependable wholesome shade of lipstick. It is perfect for the warm cozy sweater weather. I selected a gorgeous natural lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent in the color Beige Tribute in the stain finish. I found myself highly attracted to this rich pigment and soft pink hue; the color is so gentle and pleasant. I believe it’s ideal and very simplistic for everyday wear. The benefits are intense hydration and antioxidants care for that extra protection on lips. This is just what I need during this time of year! Yves Saint Laurent elegant golden lipstick case illuminates enhancing richness to the color of the lipstick.

Saint Laurent Lipstick
Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Rouge Vermilion
Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Rouge Vermilion
Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Rouge Vermilion
Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Rouge Vermilion
Rouge Vermilion

The other color of Yves Saint Laurent lipstick that I am also loving for theses autumn months is the Rouge Vermilion  that comes in a satin finish. The color is quite robust, rich and refined, it reminds me of a classically aged garnet red wine color.  When it comes to the “finer things”, I resonate with this lovely and strikingly elegant lip color. It has a modest, yet mature sophistication about it. Something I can wear unapologetically. Autumn can be a spectacular time to become grounded; to unwind, pour a glass of wine, spark good conversation with my companion while music softly plays in the distance. Top that with a candle light evening ambiance is set  the tone, and  enjoy life to the fullest with those whom I love most. It’s the finer things in life that make it valuable and worth the while.

“It’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” – Coco Chanel

Rouge Coco Gabrielle

To stir up the excitement this season I really wanted an expressive yet classic and versatile red lip. I adore the Chanel Rouge COCO Ultra Hydrating lip color in 444 Gabrielle, its a very light weight yet creamy formula, with a beautiful satin shimmer finish and not to mention the beautiful floral scent of this as per Chanel. This lovely shade of Red is a brilliant accent color that really takes notice over other colors. I can effortlessly achieve a radiant and polished look, as the blue undertones really help brighten my face and even make my teeth appear vibrantly whiter. This red has to be the most desirable and iconic red shade Chanel has in their collection yet. If layered on, the lip color will create a more intense pigmented red and it wears beautifully, gradually turning into a lip stain. I am happy to admit this was the prefect classic red for me as Chanel’s red Gabrielle emits passion, sensuality, sophistication, class and confidence. Alluring as this red color is, I had my eyes and heart set on it, my mind was made and  Chanel Gabrielle perfume that I tried, its light, floral and feminine yet strikingly captivating to the senses.

Dior Rouge
Mysterious Matte

I can dress my lips beautifully, with it’s intense rich raspberry red hue. Dior Rouge lip color Mysterious Matte provides highly-pigmented and long-wearing lipstick. Dior has perfected their prestigious formulation with natural mango butter, Aroelat Samphira to hydrate and revitalize lips. This even contains hyaluronic acid spheres to seal in moisture and plump up lips along with LipelexTM to provide lipid-restoring action Infused with Decox for volumizing effect. When I first tried Dior’s shade in 879 Mysterious, I observed the rich pigment to be dimensional, appearing more magenta, as well as fascia, depending on the lighting. I also had instantly gained an fascinated admirer, to my surprise it was another woman tracking me down to get this exact color at the Dior beauty counter. Dior’s Mysterious is deeply inviting, charming, and quite playful in coquettishly way. This striking color is allied with sensual passion, energy, vitality health and healing. Surely, I express great pleasure and amusement in owning this berry appearance really gives the lips a more hydrated full and ripe appearance without over doing it.

Rouge Rose Caprice

In our hedonistic age, it is ideal to slow down and smell the roses. In my experience, when I found Dior’s Rose Caprice, smelling of a gentle scent of rose this glorious pink lipstick with all of its beauty. A delicate shade of pink that expresses innocence, and a simple joy in that innocence. As opposed to red lipstick that speak of deep passion, this pink lipstick was a vibrant yet a gentle reminder of affections not yet awakened. I really admired this pink for possessing a certain respectability and decorum not commonly found in other shades of pink that I came across. Rose Caprice is a vibrant magenta colored pink with purple undertones. I couldn’t help but to take note of how this really brings out the green in my hazel eyes, for a more striking appearance. I am a free spirit, a non-conformist, and this is a spontaneous, yet inspiring, color to me, that is creatively inspired by beauty. As this hue can come off as childish innocence on one hand, it can come off as innovative and imaginative on the other. I do believe you will have to try this out for yourself and please do let me know your thoughts!

May you have the most sultry Autumn yet.   

As a woman with hedonistic taste, let romance and beauty flow as one this Autumn. I send you off with hopes you can confidently find the perfect sultry lip color for your dearest heart’s desire. Be bold and indulge in the colors that expresses and represent every essence of yourself. 

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