I remember as a child I hated to brush my teeth and the taste of the toothpaste was never glorious if I recall correctly. After growing out of that phase as a child, I really did take pride in taking good care of my teeth. In my teen years my parents were able to afford braces, expander, oral surgery, expensive teeth whitening, and yearly cleanings. Here I felt I owed it to myself and them for taking care of my precious pearls, that’s the least I could do.

When I was pregnant with Genevieve I particularly cared about what products and  the ingredients I used. As a mother, I really had to put into perspective and pay attention to labels for the health of my child too. When I saw the warning label on my toothpaste I had asked myself “What are these ingredients? What can it do to my health?!”

Organic Coconut oil toothpaste ingredient list with orange, grapefruit and ginger

After doing some research and a brief chemistry lesson later, I was not surprised to learn that a majority of the ingredients on the list were toxic to our health! This was a big concern, as well as a deal breaker for me.  Armed with this information, only meant one thing. Protect my family’s health. Of course, this meant I had to break up with this conventional toothpaste.

The main ingredient in 95% of toothpaste sold in the U.S. is commonly known as fluoride. A halogen on the periodic table and known for being corrosive and a toxic chemical.

Here are a few  of the toxic ingredients to avoid in toothpaste: 

Flouride, triclosan, saccharins, coloring, carrageenan, aspartame, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sulfate laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, glycerin, additives, detergents, or synthetics of any kind..

I’m sure you are thinking wow some list! Take notice these really shouldn’t be used in toothpaste to begin with. If you let me reassure you this, you will NOT see a poison control label on this organic non-toxic toothpaste. What a relief it was when I found a suitable alternative to this dilemma!

Organic Coconut oil toothpaste ingredient list with orange, grapefruit and ginger

I highly ADVISE to buy a natural organic toothpaste if you want to eliminate and lose the chemical ingredients from your everyday paste. Read the labels and ensure it has been made with all natural organic ingredients that are not questionable or harmfully toxic to health.

When I first learned about this, I knew I needed to take the control of the ingredients that I used, so I opted to create my very own homemade DIY toothpaste. This was a re-mineralizing tooth power with Bentonite clay, I also made this a paste version as well. I used it for some time but wanted something more ideal when it came to taste and texture.  I then branched off to try other Organic toothpastes such as Coconut oil based one and even the popular but messy activated charcoal.

Organic Coconut oil toothpaste with orange, ginger and banana

The Organic toothpaste made by the brand Made By RADIUS was one of the first organic toothpaste to hit the market.  I am using this brand now and it really leaves my teeth feeling CLEAN! Not only that, it tastes amazing!! If you enjoy the taste of fruits, this is something you will have to resist eating it it’s so good! This has the safe and non-toxic ingredients that I opted for, also perfect for my 3 year old daughter. As a mother I feel this is one less worry for protecting my family’s health and a no-brainer when it comes to quality organic ingredients, no nasties, not to mention it gently whitens teeth and promotes overall healthy oral health.

After I switched to Organic Non-toxic toothpaste, I have noticed I no longer experienced bad morning breath and filmy plaque build up on my teeth from brushing the night prior with conventional toothpaste. Honestly. Who wants to wake up with teeth feeling really nasty and gross? Not me. The organic coconut oil is one of the main ingredients and it really does wonders for oral health in general, it strengthens and cleans your gums, gently whitens your teeth and helps kill the nasty microbes living in there. After brushing my teeth, they felt clean and fresh. Even up to the next morning when waking up I took note of my teeth feel so clean and slick still!

So next time you are at the store be sure to pick up some of RADIUS USDA Certified Organic Toothpaste.

Organic Coconut oil toothpaste with orange, ginger and banana

If you have ever tried, or are planning to try, I would love to hear from you! Please share your stories and experiences below!


  1. A Compass for Life
    December 24, 2017 / 1:54 am

    This is the first time that I see a coconut oil toothpaste. Our country is a tropical one with a lot of coconuts but hasn’t produced this kind of toothpaste. Awesome!

  2. Eric Coen
    August 21, 2017 / 7:45 pm

    Excellent read and very informative! The one thing I liked most was how organic toothpaste conquers “morning breath.” As someone who tries to avoid bad hygiene, this is one thing that has crossed my mind.

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